Friday, March 22, 2013

Trek, Build, Mmmmmm....

Planning to build your PC? Even if it's months from now, start looking for deals. I gotta thank my friend for two hikes to Microcenter, to make good on a really cheap price for the FX6300, with a $40 bundle savings.

Beware though in case you're sold the wrong motherboard - LE versions of ASUS motherboards look exactly like the regular versions - just have an "LE" on the box. Turned out i was given an LE version (read: Lame-ass Edition) which had crappier sound, no USB3 headers and poor CPU voltage regulation circuitry. on the plus side, since they didn't have the right motherboard in stock when I returned, I did get an even better Gigabyte board with the bundle savings (yay!).

No Joe was not harmed in the creation of this PC. Joe was paid in sushi and home-made turkey burgers.

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